Flying somewhere? Bring ISOtunes® with you.

Flying can be stressful. As if delays and hidden baggage fees weren't bad enough, most the hassle of flying doesn't even happen until you're on the plane. Isn't it time you got some headphones that actually block out the sound of crying babies, unexpected announcements, and that constant hum of the jet engine?

With ISOtunes®, your flight will finally be the best part about flying. 

Did you know?

Although you're not likely to sustain long term hearing damage on an airplane, you are certain to be subjected to environmental noise you'd rather not hear. Interruptions ranging from flight announcements to crying babies make it not only difficult to sleep, but difficult to relax while on your flight. 

ISOtunes® are the perfect flight companion, allowing you to recede into your own little world and enjoy your time on the airplane. 

Note: when using ISOtunes® products, please be sure to take the proper safety precautions.